Some of the questions I’ve been asked in previous roles, and my answers to them.

Do you have experience creating technical content for complex platforms?

Yes! I’ve been creating technical content for complex platforms for 6+ years. I created help documentation for Equeum, which provides institutional-grade data analytics for an array of assets. I lead a team to create a 50-article knowledge base while working at Friends With Benefits. I also owned the content function while I was at Sobol, and shipped numerous pieces of content that analyzed the governance processes and workflows of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations(DAOs).

Do you have experience creating content strategies for complex platforms?

Huge yes. As I said, I owned this function at Sobol. While there, I created a six-month multi-channel content strategy from scratch, and published technical content and long-form “thought piece” content to establish brand awareness and drive new conversations with new enterprise customers and DAOs. While at Sobol, I also established the Sobol Discord server, and created our code of conduct for our Discord community. I was solely responsible for Trust and Safety in our Discord community.

As the Editor-in-Chief for the Gitcoin newsletter(sent to 120k readers weekly), I built the content strategy for that product and shipped weekly for six months, implementing a/b-testing, key metrics, and iterating based on shifting organizational needs and feedback from stakeholders.

Do you have experience working with engineers and/or product managers to create technical documentation?

Yes. At Sobol, I was the only non-engineer on a team of ten, save for the founders. I worked with the Sobol engineering team to publish help documentation, release notes, and UX copy.

At Equeum, I was given a project to re-write all of the products error messages to make them more understandable and actionable to users. I worked daily with team engineers to understand and analyze the error messages. I then presented my findings to stakeholders, and worked with the engineers to re-write the highest-priority error messages first. We re-wrote 200+ error messages.

Do you have experience creating technical, user, and/or training content for a workflow platform?

Yes! Sobol is a workflow platform, and I created numerous training materials for our users, including help docs, screen recordings, and client-specific process documentation to fit the clients’ particular needs and workflows.

In a previous life(10 years ago), I was a video editor, and produced educational video courses on the technical aspects of crowdfunding. I produced three of these courses, while working alongside the client.

Do you have previous experience as a Content or Technical Writer at Google?

I have created technical content while being employed by Google, while working as a content creator for Hyphen Labs. Hyphen Labs was accepted into Google’s Jigsaw incubator to develop a VR training experience for law enforcement to learn de-escalation and non-violent tactics in interacting with people of color.

Check out my writing portfolio here.